Standardized Testing

Renaissance School, based on the evidence regarding the relatively low correlation between standardized test scores and future academic and career performance, does not base admissions on standardized test scores. Likewise, curriculum is not designed to teach to a set of standardized tests. Rather, RHS believes in cultivating creativity, hard work, critical thinking, perseverance, teamwork, and other approaches to knowledge that are highly correlated to lifelong learning, success, and well-being.

However, as a college prep school, we recognize that standardized test performance is often a part of the system of college admissions. We provide many opportunities for students to practice the specific skill of taking a standardized test. Weekly mini practice tests are offered throughout the year for Juniors, “boot camps” are offered during the summer, and all 9th, 10th, and 11th graders take time to meet with the Dean to analyze their PSAT scores each year in order to identify areas to practice. Overall, students at RHS are able to tackle the challenge of standardized tests without it disrupting the core learning experiences of high school.

RHS students frequently use the AP tests as an opportunity to challenge themselves. Students are invited each year to consider in which subjects they would like to prepare for an exam. They have help and guidance from the relevant faculty, but taking on the AP as a choice gives them a very different context t. As it turns out, a large percentage of our students do pursue AP exams, but this is on top of the Renaissance School curriculum that emphasizes creative problem-solving on projects, and an individual achievement of which they can be proud.

Ultimately, Renaissance students participate in the SAT, ACT, and relevant Subject tests.