If you began your visit to our website by reading about our arts program, you might understand why RHS sometimes gets mislabelled the “art school”. Renaissance School, however, balances arts and sciences, teaching the importance of creative thinking and problem solving while also emphasizing the importance of research and evidence-based decision making.

The Mathematics & Sciences program at Renaissance School is secondtonone. Students may take multiple years of Math and Science at Renaissance School via simultaneous enrollment in multiple classes and/or summer classes, and many students pursue continuing studies in math, physics, chemistry, engineering, and other subjects through dual enrollment with local or national colleges.

Renaissance School is one of only two published BioTrek high schools in Virginia. Our Advanced Science students produce original research designed and executed by students each year in Synthetic Biology. This field is so new that many people don’t yet know that using CRISPR, scientists can program bacterial DNA just like a software engineer can program an app. Renaissance School students have used this amazing technology to pursue a remarkable variety of original projects, from fire-resistant organic home insulation to saving the banana from blight. Students have mentors at MIT, and have the chance to work in the MIT labs the years that our all-school “Ninth Week” trips take us to Boston.

Our Environmental Science class has worked on a range of projects, from evaluating the impact of native plantings on the local ecology at the IX Art Park to launching a weather satellite with NASA. In Physics, students study the frontiers of science, from String Theory to Quantum Entanglement to Antigravity and Dark Matter and Dark Energy. And all students participate in our juried poster defense at our annual Arts & Sciences Show, producing college-level papers and posters judged by scientists from UVA and area engineering firms.

Sciences are a core part of our all-school “Ninth Week” trips around the country. Students have the chance not only to visit great museums like the Boston Museum of Science or the National Aviary in Pittsburgh, but also tour working facilities like the 1927 Ohio Falls Hydroelectric Power Station in Louisville, or conduct water testing on the James River here in Virginia.

We are proud to have one of only 45 World Science Scholars at Renaissance School. He leads our popular Math Team - and the Running Club! Students can take their varied passions as far as they want to at RHS. We can’t provide the motivation, but we do provide the means. Students with dreams can achieve them at Renaissance School.

Our high ability students go on to pursue math, science, and engineering at some of the top universities in the country, including:

Johns Hopkins University University of Chicago Rose Hulman Institute of Technology