Plan a Visit

Inquire We love visitors! Plan your visit today. 

One of the great things about being a relatively small school with very highly engaged students and faculty is that RHS is a fun and welcoming place for students and parents to take a tour, or spend a day. Visitors are welcome year-round by appointment, and are also warmly invited to our Open Houses and special events. To plan your visit today, please email our Director of Admissions, Eric Swartzentruber, or call 434.984.1952.

Spend a Day at Renaissance School

The best way to get to know what a day in the life of an RS student is like to is to spend a day with us! Visiting students are given a class schedule tailored to their interests. They are matched with a student ambassador who shows them our fun (and perhaps a little confusing) 18th century building, escorts them between classes, and spends lunch with them. Visitors are incorporated into class activities, contributing to class discussions, assisting with labs, working on art projects and spending the day just like a student! Faculty are available to answer questions and, of course, the students themselves are the best resource.


Parent & Student School Tours

A great first introduction to Renaissance School is to come meet our Head of School and Director of Admissions, and receive a tour of the school with one of our student ambassadors. Learn about our faculty, special programs, student interests, and all of the things that make RHS such a unique school. Ask questions, schedule an admissions interview, or just enjoy getting to know Central Virginia’s college prep school for high ability students!

Come to an Open House

Open House is a wonderful way to get to know RHS! Each one is a little different, but often Open Houses include faculty and student panels for parents and visiting students, special events or performances, and the opportunity to sign up for an admissions interview. Open Houses also combine the best elements of visiting for a day and tours, with the opportunity for students to participate in classes, and for parents to tour our historical Court Square building. Open House is a lot of fun and we look forward to it each semester!

RHS has two Open Houses per year, one in each semester. Typically, this falls on the first Monday of November and on the President’s Day Holiday in February.

Attend a Student Showcase

The public is very warmly welcomed to our student performances and showcases. The students themselves are the best representatives of the amazing work that takes place within the RHS walls. Local families and visiting students are invited to attend all of the following:

  • Spring Show & Art Auction - Held on a Friday evening in mid to late April, the Spring Show and Art Auction is the event that every single member of Renaissance School takes part in! Actors, musicians, playwrights, composers, librettists, lights, costumes, make-up, sound, stage management, playbill production, marketing, ushering - every student has a role! The Spring Show is also the occasion for our big fundraiser, the fabulous Art Auction, hosted by our wonderful Parent Council. The auction is a juried show and we are proud that many of our own artists at RS make the cut!
  • Senior Thesis Defense - The first Wednesday in May is the moment for our Dean’s favorite event of the year, the Senior Thesis Defense. After two years of research, public speaking training, and writing a 20+ page academic paper, our Seniors take the stage to share with the school community about what they’ve learned and the unique expertise they have developed in a wide variety of disciplines.  Defense is the moment of truth and glory after two years of very hard work. Each Senior stands before the full school community and fields unrehearsed questions from the faculty about their research. It is the culmination of an RHS student’s high school career.
  • Art & Science Show - On the first Friday in May, in conjunction with Charlottesville’s First Fridays, the whole school displays both science posters and demonstrations from the year’s work, as well as paintings, sculpture, photography, animations, and other artwork. Scientists and artists from throughout central Virginia are invited as judges to this very Renaissance event!
  • Portfolio Art Shows - Held on one or two evenings in late April or Mid-May, Portfolio Art students put on formal gallery evening shows, including proper art display plans, informative description cards, and the opportunity to make pieces available for sale to the public. Hors d'oeuvres and music round out these wonderful events!

Middle & Elementary School Class Collaborations

Our students make great teachers! We have been thrilled to host elementary and middle school classes for a morning or afternoon, or to send our students to visit classrooms. Our students have taught classes in genetics, finance, art, geology, and a variety of other topics, hosting hands-on workshops that are fun and educational! If you are a parent or educator who would like to help arrange a special workshop for your child or classroom, please email our Director of Admissions, Eric Swartzentruber, or call 434.984.1952.

Middle Schoolers are also warmly welcomed to participate in our annual Art & Science Contest!

To stay up to date on events at Renaissance School, please visit our events page, sign up for events notifications, or like our Facebook page!