Resources for Parents

Orientation - Each August before school starts, parents and students are invited to the school to learn about the upcoming year, meet new students and faculty, and hear important messages from the Head of School.

Parent/Teacher Conferences - Once each semester, a day or two is set aside so that parents and teachers can meet about student progress, discuss strategies for greater challenges in the subject where appropriate or better habits and skills where needed.

Parent College Night - Once a year, often in February, our Head of School hosts a workshop designed for parents of 10th and 11th graders to go through the details of the college application process, from researching schools that will be a good fit, to the workings of the Common App, personal essays, test scores, and much more.

Parent/Teacher Potluck & State of the School - This annual event, often in the spring, is a great way for parents and faculty to socialize away from the school. Our Head of School gives everyone an update on the school’s big picture, from awards and accolades to future Ninth Week plans and new course offerings.

Renaissance School Parent Council

Our dedicated and talented RSPC organizes one of the most important events of the year: our Art Auction that takes place in conjunction with the Spring Show. This juried show of photography, watercolor, oils, collage and multimedia, textiles and many other arts is the school’s one big fundraiser of the year. Hors d'oeuvres, beautiful decorations, and layout all make for an elegant and enjoyable event. Our Art students donate pieces each year. Combined with the student performance of a play or musical, it makes for one of the best nights of the whole year!

In addition to the Art Auction, the Parent Council variously has put on a bonfire and potluck for parents in the fall, hosted faculty work day breakfasts, organized our career week, and helped out many ways big and small at all of our important school events. Thank you, Parent Council!

Parent Volunteers

There are so many ways for parents to be involved at Renaissance School! We appreciate the many volunteers who help in the following ways:

Guest Speakers - Scientists, poets, lawyers, artists, doctors, entrepreneurs - Renaissance School parents have very broad expertise, and hail from all over the world. We love when they visit our classrooms to share about their discipline out in the real world.

Career Week - Often during Assembly for a week in the fall, we invite parents in different careers to come share with our students how they entered their field and what they enjoy about it.

Open House Panel - Sometimes, our Open House format involves a parent panel to field questions from prospective parents. It’s great for families considering a Renaissance School education to hear from parents directly about what it’s really like!

Parent/Teacher Potluck & State of the School Host - There are a couple of times each year we seek the host with the most! We are grateful to the parents who open their home for our faculty and parents to socialize, enjoy some food, and hear about future news from our Head of School.

Field Day Host - We are also very grateful to the parents and grandparents who have homes with wide open spaces who have hosted our annual Field Day in May. It’s a great time for students to spend some time outdoors before the big push for year-end exams.

Graduation Set-Up and Take-Down - It’s a gift that Renaissance School families give to the families of Seniors every year - helping with set up, refreshments, clean up and take down of our graduation ceremony so that parents of graduates can spend the time enjoying the moment.