Renaissance School has lots of lunch options! Our kitchen is in regular use, with a student refrigerator, stovetop and oven, and multiple microwaves, toasters, kettles and even a coffee maker. Classes and clubs make the most of our kitchen, and the school is often treated to dumplings by the Chinese Culture Club, tortilla de patatas by the Spanish Class, King Cake by the French Class, and many treats by the baking club! Students often bring their own lunch and enjoy it in the lunchroom, or with friends during lunchtime clubs. Renaissance School also has a wonderful rooftop garden tended by faculty and students each year. Fresh Salad Fridays with our own produce is delicious, nutritious, and rewarding!

RHS partners with local service Yay! Lunch, which delivers a variety of meals from eateries around town to our location. Meals are reasonably priced and this is a great option when the weather makes stepping out a challenge!

Renaissance School students in good academic standing enjoy our downtown location during lunch. Popular eateries include The Blue Ridge Country Store, Christian’s Pizza, Chaps, Vita Nova Pizza, Bagby’s, and Maru. Students also love to get a coffee or tea and a snack with friends at Java Java, Mud House, and the Tea Bazaar. There are also seasonal food carts and trucks that make their way to the downtown mall, adding some fun variety.