Renaissance School actively supports students in internship opportunities in their areas of interest. Because of our flexible scheduling structure, we can, when needed, work a student’s class schedule around their outside work where this is warranted. Every student’s strengths and interests are different, so this sample of past and present internship positions is just that - a sample of what is possible!

  • UVA Sports Broadcasting & Production Internship
  • YMCA 22x20 Nationwide Civics Internship
  • JMRL Librarian Internship
  • UVA Librarian Internship
  • Live Arts
  • Charlottesville Area Community Foundation Joe Gieck Award
  • Piedmont Council of the Arts Rising Star Award
  • Families in Action Community Engagement Internship
  • UVA Hospital Doctor Shadow
  • Martha Jefferson Hospital Nursing Internship
  • Rivanna, Charlottesville, and other firefighter and EMT ride-alongs and certifications
  • Oesh Shoes

For students who are ready for the responsibilities and schedule-juggling involved, real-world internships are a fantastic application of their passions, strengths, and what they have learned. RHS is thrilled to support students in their application for and work in field-related internships.