International Students

Renaissance School gladly welcomes international students from around the world! We are a remarkably multi-cultural school for our size. We have very much enjoyed having students and families from Asia (including China, Korea, India, and Indonesia), Europe (including the UK, Netherlands, Italy, Germany, and Switzerland), Central and South America (including El Salvador and Argentina), and from the UAE in the Middle East. We actively recruit international students who help to enrich our school community and introduce us to new languages, customs, perspectives, music, food - and especially holidays!

Founded in 1999, Renaissance School has already earned recognition from admissions staff at many of the nation’s top colleges.   Our program of study is both rigorous and enriching, asking students to engage on a daily basis their higher level thinking skills, their role as a social being, and their artistic creativity.  Renaissance School is approved by the Student and Exchange Visitor Program of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement to enroll international students.

See a map that shows where all of our students have lived!

Renaissance School is not a boarding school. We are happy to help arrange homestays for students who do not have existing connections in the Charlottesville area.


“With the emergence of Artificial Intelligence, critical thinking skills is becoming (and will become) all the more important in our society.  Any international student seeking to attend a highly competitive college in the US, needs to be aware of this important change in their skill requirements when they prepare for college.  Key “strategy” is to enroll in a school program that has a strong foundation in the interdisciplinary curriculum.  In our experience with the student-athletes from abroad, the Renaissance School has delivered that opportunity.  Thanks to Renaissance, we have witnessed the positive transformation in our student-athletes—from passive reproducers of knowledge that had little meaning to them, to becoming “problem-solvers” and potential innovators of the future. Improved performance in their sport due to this positive change was an additional reward.  We are confident that Renaissance will help equip students of diverse backgrounds to discover their potential and develop themselves to become competitive for college and beyond. “

-University of Virginia SPEED Clinic


   Renaissance是一个对学生负责的学校, 胡晓峰跟我们说这是他唯一喜欢的学校。学校的人数不多,所以全部的学生都会受到老师的照顾。因为公司在国内的缘故没有办法监督孩子的学习,但是孩子的学习一直都是中上水平。学校的教育方式并非只注重书本教育,特设的自主学习课有效的锻炼了学生的自立能力。整体来说Renaissance School知道家长想让孩子在什么样的环境下成长,知道如何塑造一个成功的学生。

Father & Mother

Renaissance School is a school that is dedicated to its students. Sean tells us Renaissance School is the only school he likes. There are not many students in school, so, all the students are taken care of by the teachers. Because my company is in China,  sometimes I can’t supervise Sean when he’s studying, but I never heard that Sean got a C or D in any classes. Renaissance is not a school that only focuses on how to get a good grade. The class called “ Independent Study” is teaching students how to learn by themselves and the skill of time management. In short, Renaissance School knows what kind of environment parents want their children to grow up in, and how to groom a successful student.


My child’s experience in Renaissance School is like [staying with] a family; teachers and students are very friendly and sweet. The teachers at Renaissance School are not only taking care of student’s academic needs, but also taking care of their lives. They are working [from] their heart, they are real educators. Thank you so much!

This is my second year of study at Renaissance School.  I have studied at two schools before coming to Renaissance School, but Renaissance School is my favorite school among these schools. My favorite thing about our school is that since we have a very small community, every student gets to know each other and every teacher can take good care of each student. One of my best experiences is if any student has difficulty or schedule conflicts with the homework, they can always communicate with the teachers and the teachers would be happy to help the students. Since I'm a student-athlete, this has been helping me a lot!

这是我在Renaissance School的第二年,在这之前我在其他的两所学校上过学,但是Renaissance School是我目前为止最喜欢学校。我喜欢这所学校是因为这所学校的学生不多,每一个学生都知道对方并且待人友善,而且老师也对每一个学生很照顾和负责。Renaissance School还有一个非常好的一点,那就是有些学生他们不仅是学生,他们还有除了学生还有其他的“身份”。 比如有人是跳舞的,有人在学校外是播音员,还有像我一样打高尔夫或者做其他运动的学生。因为这些学生的日常生活比较忙碌,所以他们时而会为学校的事情而感到烦恼。但是这些学生可以跟老师们去做沟通,老师们也很愿意去帮助这些学生去解决时间上与作业和学校的冲突。

I am an international  student at Renaissance School and I am from China. Renaissance School provides a very pleasant environment for me to study and find my interests. Life in the school is full of variety. Renaissance School is a big family.  All teachers are like my friends.  They teach me very earnestly.  All students are like my brothers and sisters. I love Renaissance School!

 Keyu Liao     廖珂羽