Headmaster’s & Counseling

Two years of Headmaster’s Class and two years of College Counseling are a combined required four-year series of courses at Renaissance School. These classes meet once a week and are taught by our Head of School. Ultimately, the goals of the program are to increase student self-awareness, appreciation of strengths and weaknesses, goal-setting, thoughtful decision-making, perseverance and grit.

The personal attention students receive in the four-year College Counseling program at Renaissance School contributes to its overwhelming success. The majority of Renaissance School students are admitted to their first choice college. The average scholarship and grant offers in recent years has exceeded $125,000 per applying student.

More important than the numbers are the comments that Seniors share when reflecting on the program: that they learn from the process, enjoy the opportunity to reflect and consider, to research options, and to be effective at navigating what can otherwise be an overwhelming and stressful process.

Headmaster’s Class, as the introductory two years, is centered on big picture personal skills ranging from setting and achieving goals, to navigating social and societal pressures, to study habits and time management.

College Counseling narrows the focus to college applications and college life preparedness. It includes a program of research, reflection, and evaluation, as students consider their talents and interests and match them with college offerings. Significant time is spent on learning the Common App and other application systems, drafting and revising essays, writing and polishing resumes, thoughtfully considering from whom to request letters of recommendation, and what materials to provide to recommenders.

Many factors set the Renaissance School applicant apart from the crowd, including:

  • Four years of engagement in rigorous study in an integrated curriculum that required their best efforts as critical thinkers, creative artists, and responsible social beings
  • Refined skills in analysis, research, and rhetoric via the Independent Study Program, including lengthy research, project management, and presentations to the entire School community
  • Personal and enriching relationships with faculty who know the student’s strengths and articulate them well in college recommendations

Though their accolades are many, our graduates inspire us more with their character and commitment than by their awards and achievements. Through the work and contributions of alumni, the world continues to discover that Renaissance School students are curious, involved, compassionate, and unique among their peers.