Head of School Welcome

Choosing a secondary school is one of the most important decisions a family will make.

Considerations such as academic programs, extracurricular opportunities, college counseling, and quality of faculty are all key to making high school a success. At Renaissance School, we take pride in offering the best of a quality education.

Renaissance School is a place for high-ability independent thinkers who are looking to be challenged beyond standardized testing. Thinkers who are looking to be taken seriously when they voice their goals and dreams. And thinkers who long for the “aha” moments that happen when connections across disciplines are made, beyond what any text book may provide.

Renaissance School faculty explore the worlds of history, music, math, art, science, languages, performance, and English and let those worlds collide and weave into each other. Our faculty provide a depth of knowledge and a passion of subject in each class and in the halls.

Our faculty are models for life-long learning and are so much more than simply the subjects they teach. During your visit to our school, I encourage you to talk with faculty, ask questions, and get to know them.

Renaissance School parents are an active part of a thriving community through participation on the Parent Council and volunteering within the school. Our parents provide a wealth of support to Renaissance School and are a vital part of our community.

Renaissance School is a place where students are welcomed as individuals and feel part of a collaborative community of learners. At the same time, it is an environment where it is safe to step outside your comfort zone and try something new.

We welcome students to visit for a day, to get a feel for the Renaissance School experience.

Students, high school is an opportunity to broaden your academic vocabulary and mind, to poise yourself as a leader, and to make new friends - friends who are different from you and enrich your life experience.


Sara C Johnson
Head of School