Dual Enrollment

Renaissance School Juniors and Seniors who are eligible take advanced university classes in their fields of interest after they have completed the highest high school level of credit. Because of our flexibility in scheduling, Renaissance School is able to be extremely accommodating of dual enrollment at UVA or PVCC. The process of dual enrollment includes working with the UVA community scholars program or directly with the professor, and requires a letter of recommendation from the Head of School. A sample of past and present courses RHS students have taken includes:

  • German
  • Discrete Mathematics
  • Music Composition
  • Advanced Calculus
  • Psychology
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Race, Religion, & Policy
  • Computer Programming
  • American Sign Language

For students who are ready for the added responsibilities and juggling schedules, dual enrollment with a college or university is an excellent way for students to continue advanced studies and maintain the appropriate level of challenge in their fields of interest.