All of our school clubs are student-proposed and student-run! Some meet during school, some meet after school, and others meet on the weekends or for special events. Clubs range from fairly laid-back to high commitment. Clubs often change from year to year, as different students take leadership roles and propose new and different clubs, or bring back clubs from previous years. Our current clubs that regularly culminate in important events or works include:

Alighieri Literary Journal - Our quarterly student-run and edited literary journal welcomes submissions from poetry and prose to art and photography, screenplays, essays, translations, and even music and film clips. Some years the final quarter features Alighieri LIVE!, a poetry, spoken word, and performance slam of student works. Alighieri is a great venue for students to show their creative works from both in and outside of the classroom, and many students have gone on to submit works to various literary and arts publications regionally. We are proud to have had multiple award-winning writers honored at the Virginia Festival of the Book in multiple years.

Model General Assembly - Renaissance School students love a good debate! They are engaged in current events and enjoy thoughtful extended dialogue on important issues. They are creative about solving problems and strive to be effective listeners and communicators. This makes for an excellent Model General Assembly Team that has not only had many bills passed, but has achieved the highest level of accolades, including nominations to the YMCA Conference on National Affairs - a national assembly of student delegates from all 50 states - and an appointment to one of only 12 22x20 paid internships to help students get young people registered and informed to vote. We have had award-winning MGA journalists, and one of our students started the video newscasting program for the Virginia MGA. We are thankful to minority House Leader David Toscano for coming to RHS to visit with our team on multiple occasions. For students interested in civics, MGA cannot be beat!

Model United Nations - For students interested in international diplomacy, Model UN is another opportunity, in many ways similar to MGA, for students to engage with issues, spend the fall researching and working on resolutions, and then meet with other “countries” in the spring to seek out common ground. RHS has been assigned countries ranging from India to Ethiopia to Cuba, in all cases an excellent opportunity to learn about another country and see the world from a different perspective. Our students have had the experience of both being a global leader and a pariah, with important lessons learned from both!

Yearbook - While lots of things make Renaissance School unique, everybody loves that end-of-year photo book that captures memories big and small, from lunchtime fun to major trips and everything in between. We have many talented photographers at the school and multiple dedicated high-quality cameras, so each year’s book is always a treat to look forward to. Students organize, plan, and create the layout for this beloved tradition!

In addition to these higher-octane clubs, there is a wide variety of other offerings. Here is a sampling of current and past clubs of various types that students have proposed and led throughout the years. The variety itself is fun!  

Athletic / Outdoor Clubs

  • “Sneaux” Club (Skiing & snowboarding at Wintergreen)
  • Rock Climbing Club
  • Hiking Club
  • Running Club
  • Volleyball
  • Ultimate Frisbee

Art Clubs

  • Portrait Circle
  • Film Club
  • Anime Club
  • Photography Club

Food Clubs

  • Tea Club
  • Chinese Culture Club
  • Baking Club

Academic Clubs

  • Philosophy Club
  • Math Club
  • Esperanto Club
  • Creative Writing Club
  • Personality Typography

Activity Clubs

  • Chess Club
  • D&D Club
  • Scrabble Club
  • Clip Club
  • Chickapig Club

Every fall, students have the chance to pitch a new club idea, recruit members, find a faculty sponsor, write the charter and start the club (with the Head of School’s approval, of course)! This leads to a wonderful variety, and every year new students add something new to the mix.