Renaissance School is uniquely well-positioned to educate elite athletes. We are proud to count among our alumni Junior Olympic fencers and swimmers, nationally ranked golfers, regionally and nationally ranked equestrians, as well as competitive club volleyball, soccer, swim, lacrosse, baseball, martial arts, and other athletes, as well as pre-professional dancers. We are also proud to serve students who are pre-professional sportscasters and club umpires, managers, and judges. Because of our high degree of flexibility in tailoring the academic schedules of our students to their needs, we accommodate travel and match schedules in a way that other schools simply do not. Students may alternate light and heavy semesters; make up credits in the summer; have specially-scheduled one-on-one study hall time with faculty; stretch high school over five years; or any other arrangement that allows students to pursue their sport while also receiving a top-notch academic experience, without penalizing the student for their athletics schedule.

Renaissance School is an NCAA Level I and II eligible high school.

Renaissance School’s clubs are student-driven and student-organized, and have included skiing and snowboarding, cross country, rock climbing, hiking and camping, cycling, and other active and outdoor pursuits. We have also been happy to accommodate students who would like to compete in individual sports at local high school track and swim meets.

While Renaissance School does not have the typical high school athletics profile, we are extremely supportive of our athletes, and the majority of RHS students participate in sports in one way or another, including some at the highest level. Go Mighty Dodecahedrons!