Daily Assembly

There’s a lot going on at Renaissance School! To keep students and faculty up-to-date, the full school meets each morning at 10:30 in our Assembly Room to cover a wide variety of topics. This includes:

  • Student announcements about in-school and after-school clubs, and community opportunities such as job postings, internship applications, volunteer requests, and more
  • Faculty announcements about upcoming special guests in class, reminders about field trips, community opportunities, and special show set-up and rehearsals
  • Dean announcements about PSATs and AP tests, Ninth Week trip preparation and options, and student surveys
  • Head of School announcements regarding special visitors, school policies, celebrating college acceptances, and other awards and accolades
  • In the fall, visiting college admissions personnel talk about their schools’ programs and application process, and field questions from the students on academics, financial aid, and student life
  • In the winter, Assembly is often the time to host special guests such as visiting lecturers from UVA and around the country, career days with parents discussing their jobs ranging from doctors and lawyers to artists and poets, and local professionals to discuss wellness and community on topics like distracted driving and volunteer opportunities
  • In the spring, Assembly is taken over by the Juniors and Seniors as they present to the school on the topics of their research for the year for Independent Study and Senior Thesis

One of the benefits of being a smaller school is the chance to meet together each day to discuss the issues and events that are important to us!