Arts Practicum

Wednesday afternoons at Renaissance School are a regular time where the arts that students learn across disciplines intersect with the real world - Arts Practicum! In the fall, this often has to do with practical life skills. One week may feature basic car maintenance, where students get to change oil and a tire. A sequence of weeks may be allocated to student health: nutrition and exercise, mental health, and healthy relationships with outside partners from Region 10, SARA, and UVA Health. Another week may be a facilitated discussion with local civics and government leaders about policies and politics, while another may be dedicated to hands-on  skills like gardening or knitting.

In the spring, Renaissance School joins with community partners to offer students a more immersive arts experience that culminates with a performance in April. Regular opportunities include producing a film with Light House Studio (we have multiple award-winning student filmmakers at RHS), composing and recording a track with the Music Resource Center, and choreographing and performing a dance with Charlottesville Ballet. Past community partners include the IX Art Park, and The Bridge Progressive Arts Initiative, among others. Much of students’ work at school is individual and ongoing; Arts Practicum is a great opportunity to work as a team to see a project from start to finish over a few short months! We greatly look forward to the show each year!

Renaissance School also offers self-defense in the spring every other year as an Arts Practicum option.