High school can be tough, especially for high ability, highly motivated students! At Renaissance School, students choose a faculty advisor to help guide them through their high school years. They select a faculty member they feel comfortable speaking and working with as an advisor. All faculty members serve as advisors and work closely with the Head of School to provide an environment of support and open communication.

Faculty meet with their advisees once a week, often during the after-lunch “ALab” time, or during lunch or a free period. Faculty and advisees can be seen walking through town when the weather is nice, meeting at a coffee shop when it is inclement, or sitting around a table at the school. Faculty can serve as a sounding board on ideas, address questions or concerns, celebrate the little victories, and generally let students know that they are seen and valued at the school, and the lines of communication are always open.

One of the things we cherish about the Renaissance School culture is the open, collaborative relationship between students and faculty. We strive to ensure that students truly feel that faculty are in their corner, encouraging them on to mastery within their fields of interest and developing expertise. We don’t try to coddle and we want students to stretch, but it is always within the context of a relationship of trust.